Vietnam – Learning to Fight

1965 to 1966 was the time American forces were learning how to fight against the North Vietnamese Army using the new Airmobile framework. This letter shows an example of the collaboration that took place between the deployed units. Here, Major General Depuy (future 4-star General and first commander of the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command) responds to a paper Hal Moore sent in which he provided lessons learned from his year in combat.

This letter provides an interesting perspective on how the Army’s tactics evolved and is an insight into the professional discussions that must have been occurring throughout the Army. A point of interest is that General Depuy established a scholarship fund for the children of the 1st Infantry Division soldiers killed in Vietnam. It eventually became the 1st Infantry Division Foundation. Hal Moore and his co-author, Joe Galloway, established a similar fund, managed by the 1st Cavalry Division, for all children of anyone who fought at Landing Zone Xray.

If you cannot see the PDF file, here is a link to it.

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