Race Riots!

During the latter years of the Vietnam War, Korea was a hotbed of racial tension among the Black, White, and Hispanic GIs. In 1969 as a Brigadier General, Moore returned to Korea as the Operations Officer for the 8th Army. One night in May 1970, racial tensions exploded in the 7th Infantry Division resulting in buildings burned, fights, rioting, and demonstrations. Early the next day, the 8th Army Commander relieved the Division Commander, pinned on Moore’s second star (he was already on the promotion list), told him to take command and “Get up there and straighten out that screwed up outfit!” In short order, Moore had the situation under control and built the Division back into a fighting force.

What did his superiors think of his performance? Here are extracts from their appraisals.

Moore appraisal in Korea 1
Moore appraisal in Korea 2

Core to his success was his strong belief in equal treatment of all. His policy, below, speaks directly to that.

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