Moore answers questions on “Duty”

Hal Moore lived by high ethical standards. These included a firm definition of the word “duty.” When interviewed, he gave these answers.

What does Duty mean to you?

Duty means selfless devotion.  Duty is selfless because it requires sacrificing the “me first” attitude and replacing it with a commitment to others – God, country, and family.  Duty is devotion because it is like faith – like faith, duty is unwavering, never gives up, and lasts through every challenge and trial.  It is duty that builds all the great things in life.  How was America made?  Through the duty of the patriots to each other and to their cause of freedom.  How is America made strong today?  Through the duty of each of us to improve the lives of one another, and through the duty we have to all who have made us free to see that we and our children live free.

How does Duty apply at work?

Duty at work means completing the tasks assigned, and achieving results, without succumbing to distraction.  It is common to let interruptions interfere with getting the job done on time and done well. However, duty at work is shown by focus on work and “a sense of urgency” in completing tasks.   In this manner, we allow others to complete their work better and show the selflessness that duty means.

How does Duty apply at home?

Duty means providing the best environment for the family to enjoy love and knowledge.  It is the parents’ duty to provide the best possible education for their children – reading with them, supporting their projects, and helping them with the exploration of the world.  It is the parents’ duty to provide one another with time together and to meet challenges together, never apart.

Is Duty a good Army value?

Duty is a core Army value.  Duty to one another in war is what enables men and women to hold their ground, never quit, and fight until the enemy is defeated.

Why do you think Duty was made an Army value?

Duty is selfless devotion.  This quality – and this quality alone – drives men to devote their lives to protecting fiercely the lives of their brothers in combat and to stand alongside them even against overwhelming danger.  When men are devoted to each other, they stand firm and cannot be defeated.

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