Julie comments – Husbands vs Sons

Julie was 100% Army. She was the daughter of a soldier who fought in WWI and WWII.

She was the wife of a soldier who fought in Korea and Vietnam.

She was also the mother of two sons who followed their father into the “family business.”

Joe Galloway was a close family friend and reached out to Julie just prior to his deployment to cover the Gulf War.

He wrote: “In January of 1991 I phoned the Moore home to give Hal Moore the news that I was leaving early the next morning on a military flight to Saudi Arabia to get in place for the coming ground war.

Miss Julie said, “Joe, I am so very upset and worried about this thing. My son Davy is over there now.” I expressed surprise that the normally unflappable Mrs. Moore was upset. “Julie, you sent your husband off to two wars, so why worry now?” She responded: “Joe Galloway, you don’t understand a thing. You can replace a husband. You can never replace a son.””

So true!

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