Hal Moore’s Modesty

Letter to Nominating Committee regarding selection as a USMA Distinguished Graduate

Found on Hal Moore's hard drive after his death in February 2017

Regardless of what Moore said and his refusal to cooperate, the nomination process proceeded without him and he was eventually selected as a Distinguished Graduate.

Italics and color added in the letter.

December 5, 2001

Dear Harry,

I have carefully read your 5 November 2001, and the AOG guidance on Distinguished USMA Graduate nomination and selections.

I remain very surprised that the governing body of our class has asked for my permission to nominate me.  As we all know, our West Point classmates are the best, and most critical judges of each of us – at the Academy and afterwards.  For me, to be judged by the governing body of our class as a possible candidate for a Distinguished USMA Graduate is a far greater honor than if I were eventually selected as such by the AOG.

Harry, were I to proceed with this (per your instructions and the AOG guidance) I would need to send you names, addresses of the heads of the Service Academy Leadership/History Depts. at U.S.M.A., U.S.A.F.A., Ft. Benning,  Quantico, Air University Maxwell, and the CGSC where I have taught/lectured on Battlefield leadership for years.

I just can’t do that.  It would be blowing my own horn, and asking a lot of others to do so also in my behalf.

Nor am I comfortable to provide names of people to interview about various aspects of my record.  Knowing me, they would be quite surprised

 That I would take such self-serving action as to provide their names for possible comments on this recognition.  Were I to send you citations, articles or suggest where such could be located, that to me is also campaigning, blowing my own horn, and would be a nuisance for you and others.

I much appreciate you and other classmates in the Washington area being willing to take this on; however by reason of the above, I respectfully withdraw my permission to proceed with the nomination.  I sincerely hope you and our other class officials understand where I am coming from.

In closing, again my highest respect and gratitude to you and other 1945 classmates and spouses in the Washington area who have done so very much over several decades and then some to hold our class together.

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