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GEN George and Sheila Casey

General George Casey served from 1970 – 2011, and held a number of key positions including being the 36th Chief of Staff of the US Army. He also served as the senior coalition commander in Iraq for almost 3 years. As Chief of Staff he took many steps to improve conditions in the Army during a period of intense combat operations. These included increasing the funding for soldier and family programs as well as improving care for wounded soldiers.

Jan Scruggs

Jan Scruggs enlisted in the Army in 1968, and served two tours in Vietnam where he was wounded. After his service, he married and received his master’s degree after researching PTSD. Motivated by the film, “The Deer Hunter,” Jan created the Vietnam Veteran’s memorial fund in 1979. As a result of his hard work, the memorial was opened in November, 1983.

Diane Carlson-Evans

Diane served as an Army Nurse in Vietnam between 1968-1969 with duty in the burn unit of the 36th Evac Hospital. After attending the dedication of the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in 1983, she founded the Vietnam Women’s Memorial and worked tirelessly from 1984 – 1993 to raise money and awareness of the sacrifices of women veterans. The memorial was dedicated in 1993. She remains active in veteran’s issues. 

Skip Sharp
GEN Walter Sharp

General Walter “Skip” Sharp is the current Chairman of the Board of the Military Officers Association of America. He commanded the United Nations Command, Republic of Korea-United States Combined Forces Command, and the United States Forces Korea from 2008 to 2011. He also commanded troops in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti, and the Multinational Division (North) of the NATO-led Stabilization Force in Bosnia.

LTG HR McMaster

In addition to a long career in the Army culminating as the National Security advisor between 2017-2018, HR was well known as a thought leader who created the vision for the post-conventional Army. During his career, he served 5 years overseas in combat zones, giving him a first hand perspective on the value the military spouse brings to the Command Team. He also wrote the acclaimed book, Dereliction of Duty, that appears on many military reading lists.

Joe Galloway

Joseph L. Galloway, one of America’s premier war and foreign correspondents for half a century, recently retired as the senior military correspondent for Knight Ridder Newspapers. Before that he held an assignment as a special consultant to General Colin Powell at the State Department. Joe was best friends with Hal and Julie Moore. Sadly, he passed away in August, 2021. Prior to his death, he was active in leveraging his contacts to raise the profile of Fort Moore.

Lt General John Mulholland
Lt General John Mulholland

Lt General John and Miriam Mulholland served a long career which included several deployments for John as well as watching three sons go to war. John began serving with Special Operations in 1983 when he was assigned to the 5th Special Forces Group at Fort Bragg. He continued in that specialty and was commander of the US Army Special Operations Command for four years.

Lt General Bob and Shelly Caslen
LTG Bob and Shelly Caslen

Bob retired from the Army after his final assignment as Superintendent of the United States Military Academy. A student of leadership, he co-wrote “Character Edge: Leading and Winning with Integrity” with Professor Michael Matthews. He and his wife, Shelly, are no strangers to long deployments as he served overseas in the Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan.

David Dusek

From RoughCutMen.org: “David is the founder of Rough Cut Men Ministries, which is primarily a live, interactive men’s experience using a strategic combination of action movie sequences, real world current events, Biblical truth and fireteam-sized discussion times with a single, laser focused objective: To get men talking about what’s really going on in their lives.  David travels around the country, and the world, using the Rough Cut Men Movie Experience to get men to be transparent with one another and with Jesus.”

MG (Father) Paul Hurley

Paul served as the 24th Chief of Chaplains for the US Army. A 1984 graduate of USMA, he was commissioned into the Field Artillery. In 1990, he followed his heart, resigned his commission in the Army, and attended the seminary. He was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest  in 1995. After five years as a parish priest, he went back on Active Duty in 2000.

During his time as a chaplain, he served four years in combat zones and earned the Combat Action Badge during those deployments.

LTG Mike Vane

Mike spent 36 years on active duty with his final assignment being the Deputy Commanding General for Futures and the Director of the Army Capabilities Integration center – positions that required a thought leader. General Dempsey captured Mike’s background at Mike’s retirement: “Over the last four years, Mike has actually changed the culture of our Army. Under his leadership, concepts have been accelerated, we have begun to merge evaluation and testing to get emerging capabilities into the hands of soldiers sooner, we have pushed the envelope on connecting soldiers to digital applications… He has made us think hard about outcomes, about integration, and about ensuring our decisions are resource-informed.”

LTG Bill and Paula Troy

Bill retired as a Lt General after serving in many high pressure positions. After retirement, he spent 5 years as the CEO of the American Society for Quality where he transformed the organization to foster growth and improve member experience. Leaving that position in 2019, he provides consulting services to companies needed leadership mentoring, strategic planning, and crisis management. 

LTG Ben Freakley
LTG Ben Freakley

Ben is a 1975 graduate of USMA and was commissioned into the Infantry. Ben served at all levels of command from platoon through division. He commanded the 10th Mountain Division during an Afghanistan deployment where he also commanded Combined Joint Task Force 76. 

As a former commanding general of Fort Benning, Ben’s endorsement of the naming proposal brings a unique perspective based on understanding the mission of the Fort and the surrounding community.

Maj Gen Bill Rapp

After a distinguished career in the Army that included 42 months of combat duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, Bill took a position as a Lecturer in Military Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School. He also ran the leadership development program for active duty military and intelligence fellows while direction top level education for senior leaders. He and his wife, Debbie, a former Army nurse, are a great example of a command team.

MG Boylan (R) with troops

Peter was a 1961 graduate of USMA and commissioned inot the Infantry. He served two tours of duty in Vietnam and participated in the invasion of Grenada with the 82nd Airborne Division.  In addition to being a former Commandant of Cadets at USMA, he commanded the 10th Mountain Division. 

After retirement from the Army, he was appointed as the President of the Georgia Military College.

Photo Credits:

George and Sheila Casey – R.D Ward. US Army Photo

Jan Scruggs – DoD Photo

Diane Carlson Evans – By John Kruzel, DoD

LTG HR McMaster – US Army Photo

LTG John Mulholland – US Army Photo

Paul Hurley – By US Army Chaplains

Bill and Paula Troy – 2012 USO Gala Photo

Mike Vane – US Army Photo

Peter Boylan – DoD Photo

Bill Rapp – US Army Photo

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